Admissions are open from Grade V and onwards. (Only for Boys)For Hostel Accommodation the school will conduct Entrance Test.

Rules and Regulations

Every student shall keep the allotted room clean and neat. He shall take proper care of the furniture and fixtures handed over to him. The Hostel Authorities will have the right to enter and inspect the rooms at any time.

Every student shall be in his rooms sharp by 8:30 pm. For self study hour.

After 10:00 pm. Students should reset for the next day and after that switch off the light. There should be no disturbance of any kind whatsoever thereafter.

Games shall be played only during the prescribed hours and within the space allotted for that purpose.

Every case of illness or accident must be reported immediately to the Rector.

Students are expected to switch off the lights, fans and water tabs in their rooms every time they go out and take precaution to economize electricity consumption and use of water.

Students are not allowed to play game cards and keep mobile phones in the rooms.

Charges for any damage to the property as well as the furniture and fixtures caused by students will fully or negligently will be recovered from the student involved in the incident.

Hostelites students will be released with parents/authorized person once in a month.

The Hostel authorities do not hold themselves responsible for the safe custody of the property if the students staying in the Hostel. Students should carry their own locks and should take very proper care of their belongings. They should not leave the key of the room anywhere else.

All the facilities including additional facilities like Telephone/Mobile, TV, Gymkhana and Magazine/Newspaper, etc if missed shall be discontinued without any notice and disciplinary action will be taken against the student/s involved.

The Management reserves the right to cancel admission of undeserving students without assigning reason.