Secondary School


CBSE-Central Board Of Secondary Education

Our school is affiliated to the CBSE (Affiliation Number: 1130501) and follows its guidelines in word and spirit. We promote the CCE in our classrooms even today because we are persuaded that every child has some potential to shine in one field or the other.


The well developed and integrated curriculum which focuses on experiential learning with logical thinking is embraced by our students of the lower grades. Special teacher training and pedagogical monitoring ensures that our children benefit academically.

Trinity College Of London

We have a ties up with West Indian Chapter of the Trinity college of London which assesses the speaking and performing skills of our students in British English.Our children have won accolades for their performances from the examiners who are specially flown down from London for the purpose.


Our digital partner, Educomp enhances the quality of classroom engagement and helps retain quality content. Children are happy to learn with colourful visual and effective displays on the smart boards in their classrooms.


Our English lab is equipped with the content matter of the WordsWorthsoftware.Children use headphones to listen to good modulation fine intonation and effective communication skills on the computers and practice their spoken English effectively.